The Abrites diagnostics for Toyota/ Lexus/ Scion is a diagnostic software designed to assist the user to perform standard and advanced diagnostics on Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles.

The basic diagnostics include complete module identification, reading and clearing of the diagnostic trouble codes, actuator tests as well as some more specific procedures such as suspension calibration for example.

The advanced diagnostic features enable the user to perform dealer level diagnostics for procedures such as key learning, as well as ECU reading and updating.

The key learning functions include a transponder reading and preparation tool with complete on – screen instructions as well as an ID box reset. The key learning within the Abrites diagnostics for Toyota is an advanced option special function that provides a vast variety of models up until the current models produced.

Standard diagnostic functions:

Special functions:

Advanced key programming for vehicles with Smart Access Systems by diagnostics

  • Master key emulation

– Provides the ability to use the Abrites Toyota Transponder Emulator (ZN039) as a master key emulator thus allowing the user to program slave keys to the vehicle.
– Complete diagnostic solution without the need of taking out the smart access system. Everything is done by OBDII

  • Emergency start

– Using the Abrites Toyota Transponder Emulator (ZN039-2) the vehicle can be started using the built in emergency start functionality so that it can be taken to the nearest service point.

This solution has been tested on European vehicles only.

Advanced Diagnostic functionality, Key Programming, Transponder Tool, ID-box reset

Key programming functionality. Immobilizer/Smart system reset by diagnostic. Master key preparation by dump of smart system. Identification Control Unit reset by LIN bus

  • Key Programming

– provides ability for reset of immobilizer or smart system of the vehicle, registration of keys and remotes
– diagnostic reset of some smart access systems and immobilizers with Texas DST-128 keys. Diagnostic key registration of Texas DST-128 keys
– diagnostic reset of latest generation Immobilizers (without eeprom) produced while 2014
– MASTER key programming by diagnostic without need from smart system reset for vehicles with smart keys in DST-40 mode
– new Smart Access Systems types for reset by diagnostics
– reading EEPROM of Smart Access System by diagnostics
– direct key preparation without need from reset or master keys. Available for vehicles based of DST40 mode smart keys (most of smart keys used until year 2011)
– by diagnostic can prepare a master key for the models with integrated immobilizer in the engine control unit which using Texas 4C keys. NO MORE NEED TO REMOVE AND OPEN ECU. Supported ECUs (1ND-TV-EDC15 1.4 D4D, 4ZZ-FE 1.4, 1KR-FE 1.0, 1NR-FE 1.33, 1SZ-FE 1.0). Covered Toyota models : Corolla, Yaris, Auris, iQ, RunX 140, Echo, Verso S, Urban Cruiser

  • Transponder Tool – Programming key by dump of smart system/immobilizer, identification of transponders, cloning of ID67,ID68,ID70 and Texas fixed transponders, ability for preparation of ID67, ID68, ID70, custom key preparation

Dump tool
– reset by dump for all immobilizers and smart systems with Texas DST-128 keys
– MASTER key (DST-128) programming by dump of the smart access system
– special function with automatic dump detection and wide range of functions like ECU virgin, immobilizer reset, smart system reset, key preparation by dump, instrument cluster recalibration, immobilizer bypass, srs crash data reset

ID-box reset by LIN connection
ECU flasher – available for EDC15, EDC16 engine control modules
ECM memory manager – It allows you to read by diagnostic flash memory/eeprom of engine control modules produced by BOSCH (1ND-TV 1.4 D4D, 4ZZ-FE 1.4, 1KR-FE 1.0, 1NR-FE 1.33, 1SZ-FE 1.0). For engine types 1ND-TV flash programming available

screen shots:

* Currently the TN006 special function is tested on vehicles for the European market. Our development team is currently testing vehicles from other regions of the world.

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