The tool allows general diagnostics, programming, coding and key learning for BMW vehicles, as well as adaptation of used modules from one car to another.

General diagnostics

The diagnostic functions of the Abrites diagnostics for BMW generation 2 are comparable to the functionality offered by the official dealer software. Every unit has the same set of actuators and live data options that is provided to offical workshops. But the information is presented in a much faster and convenient way, allowing the user to use whatever computer or operating system he likes, including mobile devices. The strength of the tool compared to other solutions on the market is that it allows simultations observation (either numerically or graphically) on any set of options that the user likes with no limitations on their number. The user can trigger actuator and observe live data from the same dialog. The resetting of the service intervals allows modification of the counter, that shows how may times the value as been changed

Unit Coding

Allows reading and modification of the vehicle order in many different languages. Encoding of every unit of the vehicle with data from the vehicle order. The user is also allowed to tweak custom options in different modules to unlock behavior that is not allowed by the official software (like video in motion, different light options, etc.)

FSC codes

Serial number generation for the latest maps for NBT navigations


Reflashing of the firmware of the modules with newer (or older if requred) software versions. The user is presented with the firmware versions of each module and is given suggestions of what is the most proper version of each module. What distinguishes that function from what the original software tool provides is the ability to choose arbitrary flash version. The user can either accept or ignore the flash version suggestions and apply whatever operation they think is necessary to the module. This gives great flexibility and can solve problems that even the dealer tool could not tackle. For example finding the best data flash of motor computers – abrites programming function allows experimenting to flash every data flash that the user chooses to try, instead of firmly limiting the user to one specific option.

Program IDs.

Observe the vehicle identification numbers (VIN) from all modules in one place. Ability to modify them which is a necessary tool for module replacement. VIN writing is also an useful instrument even for routine operations like flashing the firmware of DME (some modules require resetting the VIN at the end of the update). Observe the history of the module – the UIF (user info fields)

Keys and start synchronization

  • Observe and modify key data in CAS. Enable / Disable key positions

Key learning for all CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3 vehicles, including those with latest ISTA-P updates. If the user has working key for the car and wants to make a spare one, the key learning is a fast and easy process. If all keys are lost and a new one has to be made then the process is more complicated, but all the necessary tools are included in the package.

Tag Programmer. Allows the user to observe, check and modify HiTag2 key data. The user is given hints for the key contents whether the data is consistent and options to correct it(very useful tool when the key is not an original BMW key).

ISN reading.

The individual serial number is a mechanism to bind the modules to one specific car and prevent reusing modules from another car. The ISN of the DME is also needed data for key learning when all keys are lost.

    • ISN reading from DME. We currently support DMEs for diesel and gasoline E series vehicles as well as DMEs for gasoline F series vehicles. In case of a problem with a specific DME, our team analyzes the problem at hand from the online logs and may add support to that motor computer dynamically on our server. The customer just has to repeat the operation without reinstalling anything. Some specific motor computers like MSV80/MSD80 are more complicated for ISN reading and require flash preprocessing to retrieve its data.
    • ISN reading from CAS – supported are both the short 4B ISN (that is used by older motor computers and some automatic gear shaft) as well as the 16byte ISN that is used for authentication with most up to date motor computers.
    • Recent CAS3 versions keep the ISNs encrypted in their EEPROM and decrypt it before authentication the the DME. The Abrites software for BMW generation 2 allows the user to encrypt the ISN for these CAS3 versions.
    • ISN reading from EGS – reading of the ISN from the Electronic Gear Shaft allows replacement and adaptation of used EGS from one vehicle to another.
    • Synchronization status – quick view of the synchronization status between DME and CAS which allows quick troubleshooting of starting problems.
  • Mileage information.

  • View the mileage information from all modules in one place. Ability to modify the mileage for some modules for the purposes of module replacements.
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